Moral Decay EP


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Record + Mixed & Mastered by Phili Odom @ Bad Wolf Recording.


released December 10, 2016

Shout out to: Martial Law, Numb Generation, Straight Forward, Heavyweight, Blunt, Sine Cura, Switchblade, Reinforce, Phil Odom, C. Perez for providing the shred when we needed it the most, the Mcallen hardcore scene, houston hardcore, and all our friends and family who support us.



all rights reserved


ENDGAME Corpus Christi, Texas


Brandon Rosscup
Ruben Rojas
Aaron Ledezma
Brian Orta

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Track Name: Swarm (Ft. Keyton Daniels of Martial Law)
Black out my eyes with euphimisms to mask this plague
We see through lies your words mean nothing
We've been taught to shun anything different
With such a hateful mindset can we progress
Your ignorance is a plague
Fueled by senseless hate
Step back and take a minute and think
Gay,straight, black or white are they different from you or me
This country has become a plague
Destroyed by the people who were meant to keep you safe
Land of the free
Home of the brave
Squished like a bug
Over the money you crave
Land of the free
Home of the brave
People are poor
Infected by the bugs we made
Land of the free
Home of the brave
Ive driven all the ruts that you paved
Land of the free
home of the brave
None of us will ever be saved
This country is a swarm.
Track Name: Purgatory
Stuck to vacillate thoughts in my mind
Chronophobic thoughts consume my time
All just out of the fear of not being good enough for you
Im just here to please you
Bending over backwards with a broken spine
Ill force a smile as long as you are mine
Baby girl are you satisfied
Anything to keep you satisfied
Misery loves company
So you know where to find me
Know where to find me
Please just don't waste my time
Pursuing people with no regard for me is  second nature, a bind I cant break, a vise that won't let me free
I can't be the only one
I cant be the only one
That knows how this feels
To loathe being alone
At a constant war with myself
Because ive been so convinced that my life is fucking meaningless

When I go carve your name into my bones
When I go know that I never loved you
Just hate being alone.
Track Name: Over Privileged Youth
What a selfish life you live, you think the whole world revolves around you.
No respect for things that don't involve you, overpriveleged youth.
Self fucking built, I'm done seeing you boast about your handouts.
You don't know what it's like to get your hands dirty, but then you shove things in my face like you're worth more than me.
Go cry to your parents, l have no need to leech or beg. No need to leech or beg. You walk around with your head held high, but all your weight is on another's back. Dependent, dependent, when your source is gone what are you going to do? When all your support is gone, what are you going to do? Over privileged youth, done with the abuse. You think you're better cause everything is given to you? Over privileged youth done with the abuse. I'm done with you.
Track Name: Morality
You have robbed your youth,
Isolated your mind.
Left brain dead
Stolen from your friends
To fit into a trend
Morality is dead
So fucking shameless
You've cut our ties
You'll be dead like your friends you're losing your mind
Fiending for a high has taken your life, away
Pulling at my sleeve begging for my help
Was burning every bridge worth the high?A moral compass cracked
An empty fucking skull
So take whats left of your pride
And shove it down your throat,

I hope you choke